Kunoy Sofa

The Kunoy is a contemporary modular sofa with a refined simplistic design. Offering flexible seating and a great choice of fabric options, this sofa is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy time with the family and would work particularly well in a cinema room or family room.

As all of our products are hand-made to order, please allow between 6-8 weeks production time prior to delivery.

  • Solid Wood Frame.
  • Assembled and joined by solid wood dowels and joinery staples.
  • The framework has been covered with polyurethane foam padding to create the desired shape in each piece.
  • Seat cushions are made using polyurethane foam padding with a density of 35 kg for maximum comfort.
  • Back cushions are made using a down and polyester fibre mix.
  • A range of 27 different fabrics to choose from.
  • Solid timber legs in a choice of 5 different clear lacquer finishes.
  • Removable arms and backs to allow easy access and transportation.
SHAPE 1: Chaise Longue (left arm) + Middle + Chaise Longue (right arm)

Total dimensions:

  • 420cmWx180cmDx82cmH
  • Seat height: 40cm
  • Arm rest height: 55cm
  • Chaise longue: 180cmWx110cmDx82cmH
  •  Middle: 200cmWx100cmDx82cmH
SHAPE 2: Corner (120) + Middle + Chaise Longue

Total dimensions:

  • 430cmWx180cmDx82cmH
  • Seat height: 40cm
  • Arm rest height: 55cm
  • Corner (120): 120cmWx100cmDx82cmH
  • Chaise longue: 180cmWx110cmDx82cmH
  • Middle: 200cmWx100cmDx82cmH
SHAPE 3: Corner (100) + Middle + Chaise Longue + Side Sofa

Total dimensions:

  • 410cmWx320cmDx82cmH
  • Seat height: 40cm
  • Arm rest height: 55cm
  • Corner (100): 100cmWx100cmDx82cmH
  • Chaise Longue: 180cmWx110cmDx82cmH
  • Middle: 200cmWx100cmDx82cmH
  • Side sofá: 220cmWx100cmDx82cmH
SHAPE 1: Chaise longue left arm + Middle + Chaise longue right arm
SHAPE 2.1: Corner (120) left arm + Middle + Chaise longue right arm
SHAPE 2.2: Chaise longue left arm + Middle + Corner (120) right arm
SHAPE 3.1: Side Sofa left arm + Corner (100) + Middle + Chaise Longue right arm
SHAPE 3.2: Chaise Longue left arm + Middle + Corner (100) + Side Sofa right arm


Natural LAC111
Midnight Black GJ112


Cloud LA211
Taupe LNT221
Dark Marengo LRM222
Light Marengo LNM223
Beige Comfort GC224
Natural Soft LLN231
Blue Sky LV241
White Sand LV242
Dark Blue RLB243
Silver Soft LBS244
Blue Denim JF245


Stripe Beige LMB331
Blue Labyrinth JF341
Blue Comfort JIO342
Braided Natural JM343
Ash LSC351
The Sea LO352
The Dessert LR353
Nomada Beige GE361
Costal Blue KDRS371
Blue Harbor KDPS372
French Blue RHD373
Aluminium KDA374


Blue Velvet KDTN491
Tropical Velvet RJV4131
We offer a choice of 27 beautiful fabrics to customise your product.